Wardrobing in the new year

Alexis Brazil

New year, new you? That seems to be the cliche statement every new year. I used to be a victim to the “life changing” statement and every January I would find myself applying way too much pressure to hurry and change who I was. ( talk about initiating a growth spurt). In lieu of a new year I’ve decided to changed my mantra to ”New year, Better Me” which surprisingly started with a shift in my wardrobe. So I guess what I REALLY should be saying is “new outfit who dis’” ha ha..

To help reign in the new year and all the amazing things you’ll accomplish in this first quarter we’ve put together a collection of styles to inspire your “better-self”. Our best advice: Try adding some color to your wardrobe! I mean seriously, you’d be absolutely amazed by what a little color and even some bold print can do for your wardrobe and your mood!

Being the minimalist that I am, i believe less is truly more! Sometime even adding s staple piece can take you further than you think! Staple pieces can have tons of versatility and allow rm for your personality to shine through! Check out some of our favorites below.