Falling in love with Monday’s

Alexis Brazil

I used to absolutely dread Monday mornings. I mean how is it that the weekend lasts for only 48 hours and before we know it we’re faced with another “5am Monday morning.”  How you start your day can very well determine how it will go and even how it will end. It wasn’t until I realized how to balance my schedule and manage my time that I was truly able to wave my “case of the Monday’s” goodbye forever! I compiled a list of hinges that have helped me become a Monday Warrior. 


Kicking off your morning with self-affirmations can be a major game changer for your entire day. It can up that confidence and help you accomplish so much more because you'll feel the strength to do it. I know I've had so many mornings when I just wake up in a funk, and that messes up my attitude for an entire day.



Doesnt matter if you do it in the morning or at night as long as you do it. I recently turned over a new leaf and decided to put my best foot forward and workout 3-4 times a week and when I tell you it is an absolute feeling of refreshment! It absolutely reduces your stress, releases those tied up endorphins you’ve been holding hostage. Not to mention the added bonus of looking your best this summer.



What you wear definitely plays part in how you feel. Get up, get dressed and get confident. I used to wear a lot of black, and I mean ALOT! I was almost hiding myself away by wearing such a dark color constantly I felt like the vibrancy I used to carry was being tucked away. However I also recently changed that. I am in all kinds of color and prints and even fur these days depending on the weather. My point is get dressed! Make yourself look amazing so you can also feel amazing and watch ho it changes everything. 


Its easy to catch a case of the Monday’s but the real work comes when you’re falling in love with Monday’s. Sometimes without realizing we’re falling back in love with ourselves.  


Wardrobing in the new year

Alexis Brazil

New year, new you? That seems to be the cliche statement every new year. I used to be a victim to the “life changing” statement and every January I would find myself applying way too much pressure to hurry and change who I was. ( talk about initiating a growth spurt). In lieu of a new year I’ve decided to changed my mantra to ”New year, Better Me” which surprisingly started with a shift in my wardrobe. So I guess what I REALLY should be saying is “new outfit who dis’” ha ha..

To help reign in the new year and all the amazing things you’ll accomplish in this first quarter we’ve put together a collection of styles to inspire your “better-self”. Our best advice: Try adding some color to your wardrobe! I mean seriously, you’d be absolutely amazed by what a little color and even some bold print can do for your wardrobe and your mood!

Being the minimalist that I am, i believe less is truly more! Sometime even adding s staple piece can take you further than you think! Staple pieces can have tons of versatility and allow rm for your personality to shine through! Check out some of our favorites below.



Alexis Brazil

Now that the holidays are almost over we’d love to see what style trends are inspiring your wardrobe this New Years ✨

Christmas was absolutely exhausted us as we attended “Ugly sweater” parties, wore matching jammies with our loved ones and got over -the-top dressed in red on the big day! With New Years right around the corner and so many amazing trends happening this season we decided to dedicate this post to you! Tag us in some of your favorite styles from the season and hey, if we happened to inspire your wardrobe in anyway let us know! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @thelexuriecolllection and “Like” us on Facebook!


Shine On

FashionAlexis Brazil

With one week remaining until Christmas we encourage you to shine on in your sequin and metallic gowns this season. It’s time to shine bright like a diamond with this”must have” trend of the season.

If you wondering how to wear high shine looks, then I am here to help you. Of course, there are countless ways how to make glittering and shiny metallics look great on you, but you have to keep one thing in your mind: do not go overboard. A shiny metallic clothing piece will underline your individuality. You can go for a metallic gown, statement pleated skirt, metallic denim pants just to name of few.

The result is going to be a very strong look that is both dramatic and voguish. Anyway, keep on scrolling to see some of my favorite inspiration following this trend.


‘Tis The Season..

FashionAlexis Brazil

‘Tis the season..

and with the holidays come parties! From work to family to friend festivities, there are a million excuses to get dressed up. 

Red is hands down my favorite color for the holidays. It’s such a show-stopper and is so flattering on everyone, so the holidays are the perfect excuse to wear that bold red dress – plus there are so many shades of red you’re bound to find one you love. We’ve added some our favorites below.

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It’s Monday.. make your 9-to-5 wardrobe pull a double shift

Alexis Brazil

Office staples like blazers, button-downs, and pencil skirts work just as well during non-business hours as they do during regular business hours. A few simple tweaks and you can easily transition from work hours to happy hour with your ladies.

Our suggestion: ditch that day time blouse for a screen tee and you’ve transitioned from sleek to chic. Check out our Instagram for more Inspiration!


Holiday Party Inspiration

Alexis Brazil

Holiday party season is here and it's time to get your metallic dresses and sequin minis in order! Instagram worthy statement pieces are our motto this season so prepare to see plenty of sequin, velvet, embellishments, and more. In the meantime we’ve added a few photos below that caught our attention just in case you’re in need of some style inspiration.


SS18 Dulcet Collection

Alexis Brazil

DULCET; meaning sweet.

Our sweet summer 2018 mini collection includes various pops of color, soft hues and FRINGE! ..and lets be real.. who doesn't love fringe? Available exclusively on our website 5/20/2018!